Drecht Cities & Rotterdam

The Drecht Cities region has a leading position within the Netherlands in terms of building practical innovations and technical solutions. World-leading companies form their own unique collaborations and bring human capital together to create pioneering solutions.

You don’t just settle in the Drecht Cities, you become part a unique cluster the Rotterdam the Maritime Capital of Europe that is continuously striving for impact and excellence. Strategically located between the Port of Rotterdam and Antwerp with multiple river connections, the region is easily accessible by water. Our region is also directly connected by the A16 (North – South) and A15 (Rotterdam – hinterland) motorways. There are three airports within an hour’s drive. The Drecht Cities offer an open business environment with facilities that can be shared. There is also easy access to networks and local government authorities are open to new initiatives. In addition to these local assets, foreign companies benefit from the Dutch tax system and an efficient customs authority. This is why so many companies have already established import and or export businesses in the Netherlands. The Drecht Cities dare to be different and invite potential investors to invest in this thriving region. Our key clusters are: maritime, smart industry, innovation, logistics and digitalisation.

Drecht Cities & Rotterdam

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