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The Drecht Cities are one of the most dynamic areas of the Netherlands and home to a unique cluster of innovative maritime and logistic companies. Here are ten reasons why the region should be top of mind when considering an expansion of your business:

1. World-class maritime cluster

The maritime delta in the Drecht Cities is one of the strongest maritime clusters in the world. From ship design to logistics, the complete supply chain  is represented, making it easy to do business.

2. Big-name companies

Van Oord, Damen Shipyards, Boskalis, Fokker, Oceanco… These are just a few of the big-name companies that have their HQ in the region.

3. Port of Rotterdam is our backyard

The largest port of Europe is just a 20-minute car drive away and ideal for export and import purposes. Rotterdam port…

  • Spans over 12,500 hectares
  • Caters annually for 465 million tonnes of cargo and 7.3 million containers
  • Welcomes 30,000 seagoing and 110,000 inland vessels a year

4. Strategic location

The Drecht Cities are strategically located between the Port of Rotterdam and Antwerp, with direct water connections and motorway links to the hinterland.

5. Connectivity

With direct access to three waterways, two motorways (A16 & A15) and only 20 minutes away from Rotterdam Airport, the region is easily accessible by land, water and air. Public transport is readily available by train and boat (waterbus).

6. Time zone

The Drecht Cities office hours overlap with countries generating 99% of global GDP.

7. Highly skilled people and talent pool

The people in the Drecht Cities have an excellent work ethic and there is a continuous supply of talented pool of young professionals.

8. Superb education and research

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam (academic)
  • Rotterdam University (applied sciences)
  • STC Netherlands Maritime University (vocational)
  • DaVinci college (vocational)
  • Dordrecht Academy (applied sciences)
  • Delft University just 35 km away (academic)

9. Quality of life

The Drecht Cities is one of the most diverse regions in which to live, both urban and rural. It has a strong trading character with a longstanding tradition of welcoming international business and visitors.

10. Network

Expanding in the Drecht Cities means expanding your network. Local governments and maritime networks provide facilities that help grow your business.

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